What Others are Saying
"I couldn't ask for a better team of guides. You both are very knowledgeable and made me try things that I wouldn't have thought to try on my own. I even ordered a new gadget that I cannot wait to try out [Cam Ranger]. Thank you to both of you. I had an excellent time."
Sharon Menke, Wonders of the Sea Workshop

"This was something I had wanted to do for a long time but never had the "nerve" to do it alone. This gave me the knowledge of where to go and the courage to go again by myself! I loved all the places we went and was able to go off, on occasion, to shoot while everyone else was climbing on the rocks. I always felt I could ask any question or get any help I needed! Both instructors, Gregg and Craig, know their stuff and are so willing to share. Great trip, weather, people and the food was ok. I am so very glad I went and would definitely go on another workshop! Thank you both very much."
Penne Fossa, Wonders of the Sea Workshop

"I hesitated to sign up for this workshop because I have attended so many that were a waste of money but I decided that I would try one more time and am glad I did. This was without a doubt the best workshop I have attended and both Craig and Gregg were extremely helpful and available to all of the participants. They freely shared their knowledge and enjoyed helping all of us 'get the shots'. I would not hesitate to attend another of their workshops and recommend them to anyone whatever their skill level."
Rebecca Evans, Wonders of the Sea Workshop

"Thank you both, so much! I am totally pumped to get out and shoot, with an eye to what you taught us. Plus, it was a great, very fun group."
Jackie Follett, Wonders of the Sea Workshop

"I couldn't ask for a better team of guides. You both are very knowledgeable and made me try things that I wouldn't have thought to try on my own. I even ordered a new gadget that I cannot wait to try out [Cam Ranger]. Thank you to both of you. I had an excellent time."
Connie Clark, Wonders of the Sea Workshop

"I was very impressed with the organization, directions, and level of attention given to the details of the workshop. Well done!"
Patricia Babbitt, Hidden Gorge

"I had a great time, Gregg. I will be taking more of your workshops."
Ron Smart, Hidden Gorge

"I would (and have) recommend these workshops to my fellow photographers."
Hidden Gorge student

"Gregg you write very well and I think you should use this talent to put together little articles for your workshops. These could be assembled later as chapters for a book... :-)"
Wallowa Wanderlust student

"The place we stayed also offered some interesting photo ops that could have added some time to keep shooting restfully. I really enjoyed the garden setting."
Starry Starry Nights student

"This was great -very knowledgeble team presenting this class- very attentive to students needs and answering questions. As someone who has had DLSR anxiety - I feel more knowledgeble and ready to cross the bridge into owning & using a DSLR camera. Gregg & Craig share their skills and enjoyment for their craft openly & freely -their enthusiasmis very catching!."
Getting Past DSLR Intimidation student

"John and I very much enjoyed the workshop yesterday. We very much appreciate your pre planning, organization, guidance during the workshop, and your patience. Again thanks so much - it was a great day."
Portland Bridges student

"You guys are good instructors and very capable of imparting your knowledge in an easy-to-understand way. I learned a lot from your efforts to point out perspective and composition. You also had a good feel for the area and were able to take us to some awesome places where awesome things happened! Choice of hotels was really good, as well. I'll be joining you on another workshop and will recommend you. This is an aside, but, Gregg, I love how you post your editing method on FB. "
Wallowa Wanderlust (2014) student

"The small size was great but I know you need more people to make money. Because you two are great at interacting with us I do not feel a larger group would deminish the class."
Wallowa Wanderlust (2014) student

"I really liked how the Bridges Workshop was set up logistically."
Portland Bridges student

"Enjoyed the presentation the first night and seeing possible image opportunities at the various locations. Glad we visited Strawberry Hill both days. Learned from reviewing my images after the 1st shoot, then tried different approaches on the 2nd day. Liked the individual attention in the field and with Photoshop. Also gained insights into using my flash and taking longer exposures. Thanks too for sending the additional information. It will be helpful to refer back to until I've incorporated into my routine. Nice workshop. "
Wonders of the Sea (2014) student

"I really like the idea of going out to shoot early and late while leaving the middle of the day for a break, or photo processing session. Great use of time in this workshop."
Wonders of the Sea (2014) student

"I think Craig and Gregg work well together. I really like the way they each provide personal attention to all participants throughout the workshop venues. Having two pros available to help is priceless. Also, eating lunch as a group gives us time to discuss our work. "
Wonders of the Sea (2014) student

"Fabulous shoot tonight with Discover the Light Photography. Thank you so much Gregg Kerber and Craig Clark, for your excellent workshop! I highly recommend your workshops to all my photo buddies."
Starry Starry Nights  student

"Awesome workshop. The handout was helpful especially the post processing information. Wonderful workshop. It was all I imagined and then some! Thank you!!!"
Starry Starry Nights  student

"Pro Photo, I commend you on your hiring decision for Craig. We would attend future classes with him. His training was well organized, he presented it well and made it all very easy to understand,he was extremely patient, personable, and just fun. I really learned a LOT from him! Sorry this took so long to get to you!"
Exploring Depth of Field, Exposure & Composition 11/2014 student

"I had a blast at the Starry Nghts workshop. Gregg and Craig are the perfect blend of informative without being pushy, and they kept things light and fun. Even better, they shared their wealth of advice in both print and spoken form when we all arrived on the little-known site that they had thoroughly scouted out beforehand. Before darkness fell, when things were still easy for us to see and work with, they talked us through all of the set-ups and adjustments we needed to make and taught us how to avoid the pitfalls that many photographers unknowingly fall into. They went well beyond the usual f-stop and ISO setting advice. The result was a huge boost in productivity for me -- I was able to skip all the frustrating trial and error that comes with extreme low-light shooting. I can honestly say that by following their multi-faceted advice, virtually every exposure I took was right on the money exposure-wise, and thus my productivity was much higher than I expected that night. It is clear they care about the success of their participants and I highly recommend their workshops; it was money well-spent."
Starry Starry Nights  student

"What a fun way to spend a day. The rain helped learn things that were unplanned, and I appreciate your ability to "go with the flow" and maximize the opportunities for everyone there to learn. I am responding weeks after the class, and it has made a big difference in my photos since the class. The best recommendation I can give is that I plan to take more of your adventures. Thank you. "
Exploring Exposure, Depth of Field and Composition (2/2015) student

"I was so pleased to be able to join your group for this starry night shooting.Thank you for offering it. I had a great time."
Starry Starry Nights 1 student

"Enjoyed, thanks. Will send a couple pictures via email shortly for c&c."
Portland Bridges at Night student

"Really well organized and thought out. Thanks so much!"
Mt. Hood (and more) student

"I couldn't indulge my interest in photography without your help. I appreciate your teaching methods and your patience."
Private lesson student

"Your patience, your depth of knowledge, how you teach by offering suggestions, your personality and how you relate to people, makes you extremely good at teaching photography. "
Wonders of the Sea (2015) student

"Sorry it's taken me so long to submit this evaluation! I tremendously enjoyed the workshop and look forward to doing more with you guys. My life is too darn busy, and I need to make more time for excellent workshops like this one. Thanks again and see you next time."
Starry Starry Nights 1 student

"It's always a pleasure to learn from Gregg. He is patient, kind and very willing to share his knowledge."
Starry Starry Nights 3 student

"I thoroughly enjoyed participating in your Night Photography workshop. I walked away feeling more confident in understanding exposure via the histogram use and was especially excited to learn how to use the Live View function (Canon T3i) for tight focusing. I definitely recommend this workshop for anyone who needs help in demystifying shooting at night. "
Night Photography student

"The instructor was patient and knowledgeable and attentive. I had time to try a technique, then he would come by, give tips & feedback that would help with what I was struggling with, and I could practice that."
Night Photography student

"Thank-you for such a great workshop! I definitely learned a lot, and got really positive feedback on my images from my friends and peers! "
Night Photography student

"We plan to sign up for more workshops with Gregg."
Milky Way and Mt St Helens student

"You are a terrific instructor, so knowledgable. We really enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot."
Milky Way and Mt St Helens student

"Gregg, you were very helpful all throughout this workshop, including before, during and after the workshop. I so appreciate your follow-up afterwards (3 times!!) with emails of screen shots of modules from Lightroom for processing help. Thank you, Karen"
Milky Way and Mt St Helens student

"I am so happy that I found Gregg and his workshops/Meet Up group. I wish I had found him earlier, but glad to have found him now. I really like his personality and teaching style, and all that he has to offer to other growing/enthusiast photographers."
Light Trails student

"Just loved your class a LOT."
Milky Way Over Mt Hood student

"Elizabeth and I enjoyed the whole experience and were/are most appreciative of the time and effort you put into the workshop. Thank you again."
Wallow Wanderlust (2017) student

"Gregg, you planned and organized this week-long workshop extremely well. It was so well planned, including the directions and the daily details of the workshop. Also, I appreciate having built-in break times. You are so patient and non-judgemental, particularly when I kept asking the same questions every outing. "
Wallow Wanderlust (2017) student

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